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CAFRAMO A120 Stirrer Clamp




Mixing Impeller, Crossed Blade, Caframo, A130


CAFRAMO A190 Mixing Impeller, Pitched Blade


CAFRAMO A165 Pitched Blade Propellor


CAFRAMO A141 Mixing Impeller, Collapsible Blade


CAFRAMO Stainless Steel Mixing Impeller, Crossed Blade, A130


Caframo Shaft Stainless Steel, Electropolished A712


CAFRAMO BDC6015 Overhead Stirrer, 6.6 gal, 1/5 HP


CAFRAMO Cast Zinc, Aluminum Stirrer Clamp, A120


Caframo BDC250 Overhead Stirrer 1/100 HP, 2L Max, 50-2500RPM Perfect Condition!


CAFRAMO U044 Anchor Paddle


CAFRAMO BDC250 Overhead Stirrer, 2L, 1/100 HP


CAFRAMO A162 Shaft


CAFRAMO A713 Shaft


CAFRAMO A753 Shaft


CAFRAMO A164 Dispersion Blade


CAFRAMO BDC1850 Overhead Hi-Torque Mixer Stirrer with-out Stand 1.2 - 1.8K RPM


CAFRAMO BDC2010 Overhead Stirrer, 6.6 gal, 1/10 HP


CAFRAMO A600 Collet and Shaft, High Speed


CAFRAMO A553 Turbine Propellor Blade




Caframo Lab Stand, Compact A210


CAFRAMO Limited BDC3030 Overhead Hi-Torque Stirrer, 15.8 gal, 1/5 HP


CAFRAMO A733 Shaft


Caframo Industrial Mixer


Caframo RZR1 Mixer Stirrer Homogenizer


CAFRAMO A541 Pitched Blade Propellor


CAFRAMO A166 Pitched Blade Propellor with Shaft


CAFRAMO A110 Safety Lab Stand


CAFRAMO U022 Anchor Paddle


CAFRAMO A120 Overhead Stirrer Lab Stand Clamp (works for Heidolph Stands)