Magic Wands Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

Magic Wands Mod enable you to build fences instantly from your inventory, which is so quick and not wasting any more time to build fences. Whats more is the wand is very useful for mining as you can easily collect your resources in blink of eyes. Splendid.

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Magic Wands mod Feature:

  • Building wand
  • Building houses, lines, cubes
  • Filling holes with water and lava
  • Smart placing of torches
  • Filling caves with stone
  • Mining wand
  • Mining blocks
  • Mining ores from surface
  • Selective mining of wood, dirt etc.
  • Super cheat: Mining ores from surface
  • Breaking wand
  • Destroying stuff (drops no items)
  • Can spare ores
  • Can destroy only plants and leaves

Magic Wands Mod installation:

  1. Back up minecraft.jar
    • minecraft.jar is in run/%appdata%/.minecraft/bin
  2. Download and install ModLoader and then testminecraft.
    • If you got black screen that means you screwed up download modloader or you forgot to delete META-INF.
  3. If you test minecraft without getting blackscreen thats means a new “mods” folder should be generate. ( make new one if you don’t have one).
  4. Drag the Magicwands zip into mods folder.

How to use Magic Wands?

Wands can build (mine) anything rectangular – box, layer, line…

  • 1) Right click one corner of the box you want to build (break, mine)
  • 2) Hold some ACTION KEY and right click the opposite corner.

What are Action Keys?

  • Right click any block while holding LEFT CTRL key to get a wand-specific help.


Download Magic Wands Mod

[download]For 1.5.1 :[/download]

[download]For 1.5.2:[/download]

[download]For 1.6.2: (28 KB)[/download]

For 1.6.4

For 1.7.2

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