Divine RPG Mod use for Minecraft 1.4.7

Divine RPG mod adds 6 New Dimensions, 13 New Bosses, 60 New Mobs and Hundreds of Items and Blocks! Really cool mod with tons of great features!

Divine RPG ModDivine RPG Mod 5

Divine RPG Mod Installer Instructions:

Before putting in any mods to minecraft ensure to shut minecraft.

Download one among the installers below (no distinction they’re same, simply packed differently) Once downloaded, double click the installer and click on “Install Mod”. once the installer is completed it’ll show a message that the mod is put in. Then simply shut installer and begin your minecraft. Divine RPG Mod has been put in, you don’t got to do anything.

If you’re victimisation windows seven and find a message once victimisation the installer that claims “This program won’t have put in correctly” ignore this message otherwise you will disable this message by victimisation this file here.

If you get a mistake once victimisation the exe version of the installer transfer the nothing version below, extract the folder from the downloaded nothing to desktop and run the installer from the extracted folder. Don’t take away it from the folder. you’ll be able to additionally attempt running the installer as administrator if you’re on windows seven.

Changelogs Divine RPG Mod v1.2.7

  • New generation on twilight dimensions [Re-generation Required]
  • All armors received abilities.
  • New mob sounds.
  • New recipes for turning Twilight souls into fragments.
  • [eg. Dravite Soul -> Dravite Fragments]
  • King of Scorchers multiplayer bugfix
  • New dungeon constructor spawn method (place a collector fragment on Dramix Alter)
  • Arcana bar fixes for mutliplayer servers,
  • New base spawn crystal recipe.
  • Ender Triplet nerf.
  • Rework of most Arcana weapons.
  • Rework of most tinkered weapons.
  • More descriptive tool-tips added.
  • Sound of Carols particle fixed.
  • Glacides no longer spawn in Iceika dungeons. Replaced by Frozen Archers.
  • Glacides shrunken in size.
  • Bounding box fixes for Twilight Archers and Golems.

Divine RPG Mod Divine RPG Mod Divine RPG Mod

  • Divine RPG Mod use for Minecraft 1.4.7
  • Download Divine RPG Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7
  • Divine RPG Minecraft 1.4.7 Mod

Download: DivineRPG1.2.7.jar (32.9 MB)


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