Chisel Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4 and 1.6.2

Chisel adds a huge variety of static blocks to the game. This mod will be very useful for people who like the construction aspect of Minecraft.


Chisel Mod Installation:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Put the .jar file you downloaded into mods directory.

Place a block into middle slot, and click on one of (up to) 16 variations of it to carve that variation.

Following are 4 images that show all currently possible variations, around 300 total.

Chisel Mod
Chisel Mod
Chisel Mod
Chisel Mod

Two new blocks are added to worldgen: marble and limestone. Each can be crafted into stairs and slabs. Marble can also be crafted into pillars which in turn can be crafted into pillar slabs. All these blocks have 16 variations each, that you can obtain with chisel.

Chisel Mod

Access to new blocks is provided mostly through one tool: chisel. Craft it out of a stick and an ingot like this:

Chisel Mod

Alternative recipe can be enabled in config file:

Chisel Mod

Download Chisel Mod

Chisel Mod 1.6.4

[mega]Chisel-Mod-1.6.4.jar (3.0 MB)[/mega]

Chisel Mod 1.5.1


Chisel Mod 1.5.2

Chisel Mod 1.6.2


[mega]Chisel-Mod-1.6.2.jar (2.9 MB)[/mega]


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